Hello, again!

These are strange days that we are living in recently, and I’m just thankful for each individual moment. My dog still won’t let me put my nose on her nose, because she can’t help but give me doggie kisses whenever I try. It’s good to be loved. My cat is doing pretty well, and loves […]

Short Break

Please forgive my inactivity, as I’ve just not had my mind on writing or self-promotion. Also, I really needed to do a little study of the operational instructions of this Internet tool, you know, what I usually do just skim over. I don’t know why I’m like this. Perhaps it’s my unprofessionalism? In any case, […]

Cat Karma

Here’s a little true, but foreboding story for you all, taken from my real life! Hope that you all enjoy, and don’t be scared, because it has a happy ending. I was driving home from work on Thursday afternoon, really at an honest and speed-limit-heeding pace, and you will not believe what happened! The sweetest […]

Many Thanks

Dear New Friends on the Internet, I most sincerely wish to say, “Thank You,” for allowing me to get the troubles out of my soul by writing here. You all have been so patient and kind, and most forgiving. Maybe you haven’t read my earlier posts, and I don’t recommend seeking out my worse days, […]


Dear Friends, I have like this one primary problem that really does get me down. When I make any sort of mistake, I do feel as if I’ve ruined everything and that everybody hates me. I’m not hardly exaggerating, to be honest. It makes life increasingly difficult, because I keep on not being perfect, and […]


Here’s a short poem that I had written in probably 2011. Hope y’all enjoy. And as we all learn gardening, I with patience felt The fertilization of our lives- Despite what we’ve been dealt. Maybe that should actually read, “The fermentation of our lives,” at least according to the lessons that I’ve personally learned in […]

A Gumbo Blessing

Usually every year my mother makes gumbo on Christmas Eve, but my nephew requested it also for his birthday celebration, this past weekend. My mother made a significant discovery at this rendering of the seafood and okra dish made famous to us by my Grandmother, who lived on the Gulf coast, in Alabama. Although every […]

Answered Prayer

Today at work, I was faced with a seemingly impossible task, and I do mean it was stubborn. I even tried to get help, and the task was also impossible for my coworker. At my final attempt, I was starting to freak out a little bit, and then I got ahold of myself, and I […]

Cat Boss

This afternoon after work, my super-brilliant intelligent cat was resting by the other side of the car port, as if she has learned which side where I park. I know. She’s a genius. In other news, my attitude is improving so much lately, and I feel so full of hope and renewed faith and confidence. […]

Read Another Book

Just finished a neat novel called, The One, by John Marrs. It gave me a lot to think about soul mates and romance and social media. Now there was some killing in this book, so if you don’t like that, you may not enjoy it. I’ve finally realized that most fiction these days is about […]