MS and my dog

I forgot to mention, that aside from my mental illness, I’m afflicted with MS, yet am still doing okay. Yup, life is a travesty of hindrances. Actually, for the fact that the mental illness thus far has been the worst part of my Multiple Sclerosis, I am so incredibly thankful.

Granted, my bad attitude does hold me up at times, but I daresay that I am learning how to be well. The most important thing is being true to those that I love, and blessing them upon their life’s paths. One day, I promise, I will make children’s books about this assertion, that God only knows. As Paul Simon says. You remember the rest of the line, I am sure.

The mental illness has not been a piece of cake, though, and I about near to have killed my husband last night when he doubted my schizophrenic tendencies, as this is what in which I have most of my self-pride. I was diagnosed with a “schizo-affective disorder” back in 1996, if this helps any one.

Maybe it will help the Universe to make readily available the chronicles of our lives, and I believe that it shall, trusting in this WordPress. God only knows I could never write a book-length treatise about my horrible journey, and finding value in the journey is basically all that I have to offer.

Best wishes, friends. I wish you the best. My dog tries to heal me with her love.