Closing Up Shop

Dear Friends,

While this has been so much fun reading and writing, I think that I actually have to renew payment of fees to use this how I’ve been using it. To be honest, I used a windfall of funds to support my dabbling here, so I really don’t want to do that again, not having a windfall right now. It was actually my compensation for participating in a medical study, and I truly don’t want to do that again.

I have until the end of February, so you might still hear from me a little bit. I hope that my presence here has not been irritating and thank you for entertaining my ideas and stellar advice. Being a human is so challenging as I have learned, so I applaud everyone for getting up and going to work each day.

My mental illness has held me back in life, but all I can do is move forward. My MS has not been debilitating thus far, at least in any way that has affected my getting up and going to work each day. I do realize that this can all change at any time. I’ve been lucky, but also more importantly, I feel as if I’ve been blessed. It has been my faith and the reciprocation thereof that has kept me going. Thank you, Jesus.

In any case, I will miss all of you, but this has all been online anyway, and I don’t really know you in real life. Please remember that about the Internet, friends, as it does connect us, but beware of magic and mystery, and put your faith in books and real people, choosing them wisely. Shoot, it’s not like we can even trust real people, unless we know them personally from long ago or something.

Please vote for keeping folks voting, defy corruption, don’t tangle yourself up in crazy ideas, and be real, friends. The only way we can preserve real life on Earth is by keeping it real. Please continue to do that and provide realness for others with kind words and genuine smiles. It’s the least we can do, but it matters. Sanity is a precious virtue, so please don’t take it lightly. Take care of your pets. Be good, friendly folks, and find your way to superstardom, or not.

Y’all are stuck with me a little bit longer, but flowers fade. Take care, blossoms.

Love, Susan

6 thoughts on “Closing Up Shop

  1. πŸ’œ YOU!!! can STILL!!! Do It (NikΓ©s Lawyers phones πŸ“±ARE Already Hot πŸ”₯ off The Hook) For Free SupaSoulSis; plus, with ALL Due Respect πŸ™ , We ARE ALL “Real Life” People as Bro Jesu would have YOU!!! Understand and Accept…the Only Differences between “online” Communication and “Real Life” is Body Language and the Opportunity to Pause for THOUGHT!!! Before a Conversation Deteriorates in to Conflict, Arguments and Fights; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that We Will Miss YOU!!! Too



  2. Hey! It’s sad that you’re leaving. You can always setup a free account, please see if that is possible, would love to see your posts! ❀
    We'll stay good, we hope the same for you too πŸ™‚


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