Today I’m thankful for the simple things of life, but I must admit that I’m not always the most appreciative. Sometimes I’m shitty to my very good friends, but it’s really nothing personal, I just struggle because of my chronic depression. And maybe also shitty life events. Please excuse my profanity, it’s just that I’ve been sorely broken-hearted in the past, with late relief. Perhaps it is my depression that is chronic, or maybe just my bad attitude.

Although life can be so very disappointing, it can also be quite nice. Oddly, my depression has eased up recently, and I’m finally thankful again, just in time for Thanksgiving. I do see this appreciation lasting through the holidays, and will carry it on throughout my life by my changing character. I’m learning to feel okay, and this is a new thing for me.

Was it my fur-baby collection of one dog and one cat, or was it just some brain healing from eating blueberries every morning? I think it’s because my faith has grown and developed, and I’ve given a lot of my fears and concerns to the Lord above, releasing myself from the curious need to save the world. It’s already been done for me, I’ve just got to cherish the good times that I am blessed with daily. Like for instance, fine drinking water. I love that stuff. And I have some very, very good friends that I have lost, mainly because I drive them away when I decide I can’t go on pretending that my feelings have not been hurt by the shitty-ness of life, which is not their fault, usually.

I’m thankful that I love my husband, and that I’m not involved as an ex-girlfriend or married to anybody’s ex-boyfriend so much since I’ve been keeping my distance and letting things go. Admittedly, I am not the most classy extractor from heartache, but sometimes you’ve got to stop going to the same depressing places with your tender heart. I pray that we all might gracefully move on from whatever may be dragging us down, and that the future might be bright for all of our loved ones, even if from a distance sometimes, or most of the time.

#Hearts #Broken #Dogs #Cats #Tears #Cried-out #Depression #Love #Hurt #JohnnyCash

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