Nose to Nose

My dog and I have transcended space and time! You may remember that my primary life goal for living with my dog is to be able to touch her nose with my nose, without getting my face licked with doggie slobber. Finally, yesterday, we made the connection. I feel as if I have been blessed by Mother Nature, and that peace and harmony might persist throughout the land.

Back to reality, the world can be a very inhospitable place. Be forewarned, not every day will your dog allow you to come together nose to nose. This is probably true of most organisms, thereby originating the expression, “nose to nose.” In any case, I will go on seeking various mythical regions, having finally achieved this major aspiration of life on Earth, with the meeting of the minds, or really just noses, across the species divide.

Peace, though. I pray that we all might be peaceful and holy in our interactions with all of God’s creatures, and that we might trust in the holiness and reverence of Life. How blessed we are to be typing at our keys, or reading somebody else’s human rambling. Lest anyone think that life on Earth is not a miracle, I trust that not all of you have touched noses with any dog, as they are fearsome creatures. That we all might remember that going nose to nose with anyone is a challenge and a blessing, and that we might do so respectfully.

Wishing everyone peace and good health. November brings us close to the end of the year, but first we must give thanks by eating as much food as we can, with those close to us nearby. I’ll be featuring cranberry relish this year, because the jury is still out on my cooking skills. I am afraid of giblets.

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8 thoughts on “Nose to Nose

  1. Oh my goodness, what a great insight you’ve shared! Not only will I read more about this New Zealand custom, but now I will feel part of the great circle of life! Thank you for commenting this thrilling prospect. Please keep blessed!


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