Fed Up

Sometimes I get so fed up with WordPress because it is not easy for me to just log on and write a post. I feel like such a rube, and I have to outsmart myself every time I get to a place where I can write, and following the same path every time does not always work. It would be more embarrassing were it not for the fact that I think so highly of myself, that it will not defeat me today, on every day that I post. Honestly, it all started out just fine with the “Write” button, but the ease did not persist. Hope you readers do not suffer needlessly, because my voice is so silly anyway.

But Hey! I take this online diary sharing quite personally, because it keeps me from drinking or abusing anything, because my health does matter to me, and every day is a blessing from God above. Speaking of, I’ve been increasingly sober, and now I understand what went on in those fifty million AA and NA meetings that I attended as a student, and that is that I finally learned the lessons. I’m not so shy any more either, but maybe that is because I am just older.

In any case, I wish you all utmost sobriety and capability at following your dreams. My dream is to write children’s literature, without having any children of my own. At least I will start reading more juvenile fiction, because it is fun to read, and mostly terrible things don’t happen as much as is described in grown-up literature.

I’m not really “Fed up” with WordPress, as I do keep coming back. Thanks for bearing with me lately, and I will try to post more. I just get so tired with work and dangerous footwear, and my dog and husband and beautiful Outdoor Cat take up so much of my time. We’re all pretty happy, though, so I hope you enjoy my new positive, optimistic outlook. It’s so refreshing to actually be happy again, like when I was in preschool or something. Actually, that was really stressful. Hence the children’s lit hopefulness, as I want everybody to be happy and to love life as much as I do now.

#Thankful #Sharing #Caring #Growing #Healthy #MS #Jesus #Faith #Hope #Love

5 thoughts on “Fed Up

  1. Keep it up! If I could ever write something full-length I would also want it to be for kids. Some of my best books ever I read when I was a kid. Good luck with that and I bet you will write awesome children’s lit!

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  2. Thank you, TwinklingStar! Although I anticipate many fine novels from you in the future, I can see that you might appreciate kid’s lit like a pro! Looking forward to more great work ahead! Keep blessed, Amiga!


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