Minor Abrasion

After telling you all about the recent fall off of the steps, I forgot to mention that it was faulty boots and lack of attention coupled with poor eyesight that made it all possible. I regret finding these cute ankle boots that are just so cute, but treacherous for not having a broad and balancing heel.

What I really, really want to tell you all about today is the terrible scrape and a following bandage mishap. It’s about the size of a nickel, and I think that it would have made a fine scab had it not been for the Band-Aid that I covered it with for work. This made it just lose its scab hardiness, and it turned to mush again. Nasty. I think a concrete sidewalk abrasion is a unique sore, and it needs TLC to heal. My answer was to go bandage-less today, but now I have a gooey center that looks yucky surrounded by dark crisp healing scab-stuff. Gross. Please tell me to stop telling you about this.

Let’s just all think about how much we don’t want this to ever happen to anybody else, and that shoes and boots do need to pass walkability tests before they are unleashed upon the world. This boot shape I think is stylish right now, so beware of the narrow elevated heel, even if the boot looks sturdy. Always check your balance for sure. Or maybe just get yourself some sense and better glasses or something, and at least to look carefully where you step. I do not blame the cute ankle boot maker, buy my own haste and lack of care. Please be careful, everybody!

And everyone should get a dog or cat. Please forgive me that I transitioned into a dog-person from a satisfied cat-person. I mean I don’t mean that in a bad way, as I do like to do my own thing, but maybe I should have been more respectful of the dog-people when I considered cats to be the superior pet. I was actually quite jealous because my parents never would let me get a dog in my youth, and the pet cat I finally got came so much later under such depressing circumstances that I was forced to take on another kitten when I was older, because somebody I knew very remotely had a cat that made kittens, and I seemed nice.

In any case, we rescued a dog from the forest because winter was coming along and there are no dog-food trees in the forest. I understand the value of pinecones now though, as she does reveal her forest ways in trips to the back yard. Now I know my doggie doesn’t worry about ankle boots, and she always treads lightly upon the floor, climbing steps like a champ. My cat roams freely in our front yard, with enough shrubbery to remain hidden for most of the day, except for when she is enjoying the sun. I hope one day to live as a dog or cat, but a nice one that isn’t mean or scary, and who has cool friends.

Please pray for my scab skills to come along, and be glad that you haven’t gotten a pair of these particular ankle boots. My dog wouldn’t be caught in such unseemly footwear, because she is a forest dog, and forest dogs eat pinecones. Can’t catch a good pinecone in narrow heels, right? Not in the forest.

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2 thoughts on “Minor Abrasion

  1. πŸ’œ Unless Bleeding Profusely I Find Fresh Air To Be The Best Dressing for an Open Wound EveryOne; somehow, I Guess, an Oxygenated Open Wound Heals Faster than a Dressed Wound that Festers for a Bit Longer EveryBody


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