The Fall

So what does one do when one falls, for real, in front of one’s parents? I chose to play it off as if it had never happened, as my parents drove back to their home.

Of course my mother responded to the message I had left on their answering machine describing the accident, and she eventually called me to make sure that I was okay. We didn’t talk for long, but it was reassuring to know that she still cares. I really think that it’s supposed to be the elderly parent who falls, and not the baby bird, but actually I’ve been the one falling over my whole entire life!

Thankfully I’ve grown past the cussing and swearing part of my transition into adult life, and now I can just appreciate my mother caring for me. I’m actually quite thankful that she had not been the one to fall today, and she did make me feel better by describing some of her spectacular tumbles. The good news is that she had not even seen the incident, nor had my father who was driving. I guess we’re all getting older, and I kind of like comparing ailments with friends and family during my increasing-age years.

Only a little scratch on my wrist, but I do keep forgetting about it and then trying to wipe the smudge off my skin. It’s the pain that reminds me of what I had done, only to be reinforced by the stinging Bactine as I further disinfect after accidental contact. Maybe this is the rule of life, that one most likely will fall over, but the best part is the shaking it off as if nothing awry had happened. (I was so thankful they had not seen the event and come rushing back to help. We’re all too old for that!)

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3 thoughts on “The Fall

    1. Thank you for your concern. Fortunately I fell on the step closest to the ground! Just the one scratch is all, aside from the wounded pride, of course. At least nobody saw me, and I did save the pizza box!


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