The Scrambler

Although this post originally was going to be entitled, “Doggie Woes,” because of my questionable navigation skills, I opted for “The Scrambler.”

My husband and I drove four hours to the beach, not bad, and were enjoying a lovely vacation until we continued to worry about our dog left at home with only visits from a friend to feed her. I know! I’ll never do it again. Thankfully, my husband had also forgotten his camera, so we made the trip back home to remedy that, and also rescued our emotionally tender dog with abandonment issues.

What is so silly about all of this is that I’m the worst on a car trip, and managed to keep us a little lost for a minute, even though we did get back on track. I was pleasantly reminded of a car trip that my mother and myself had taken years ago, also with similar detours. I do promise that I can read the GPS, but my evil scrambling self got us mixed up both times. Thankfully my husband does not have time for such nonsense, and he got us back on course.

But my Dog Baby! She was so lonesome without us, and pooped just to emphasize that fact, apparently. Thankfully I’ve been cleaning house all day, and my husband is back and ready to take pictures. I’m thinking that the moon will also be lovely tonight, and now he can capture those memories. Those memories are writ strong upon my soul, though, and I’ll never leave my baby dog on purpose ever again. My mother just laughed when I told her about it. I guess she’s been there with her person babies.

And I do know now that I have a super-power for getting myself confused, and drawing others along with me. At least I know that God is good, all the time. That is my navigational compass for uncertain times. And I get myself vaccinated when called for, as well as take my various medicines to stay alive and well. Life is a blessing, and I’m glad now to live it. Please keep healthy and found, dear friends, and don’t walk out on your Fur Babies!

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