Well, I know there is some hesitation about the vaccine that in so many cases has been a lifesaver, but I must let you know that I did certainly hop aboard that train myself. Honestly, I do feel somewhat a lot as if we are all in this together, and if what I do might help everybody else out, too, then I’m all for it.

In the past I’ve been incredibly suspicious of medicine and chemicals, and of all these fine things that keep us all going. Finally, with this special, novel situation of the current day and age, I’ve decided that I will go ahead and give it a try, this medicine. Seriously, it’s all I ever do. It used to bug me that I felt like a lab rat with all of my medicines, but it’s been keeping me well for so long that I’ve changed my attitude.

Prayer is really what keeps me so well, to be sure, but you might say that with the chemicals, I’m in it to win it. I’ll take a vitamin in a heartbeat, and any sort of “calm the storm” substance is bound to be my friend indeed. But not with abuse, because I only want to win, and not to end the game entirely. This has been the new innovation of my health saga, and I’m so incredibly thankful and blessed not to be suicidal anymore. God is so good that He stayed with me when I was faithful yet also suicidal, so that now I can just be faithful means that maybe I can get some work done!

What I have learned is that by trusting God and the knowledge that He or She or Both provides, is the path to eventually taking it easy. Yup. Life in itself is such an amazing blessing that it is good to take care and beware, but also the best part is when one can enjoy the life safely and intelligently. Now, I take a fair amount of medicine to keep this smiling visage going, but I also work for my health insurance and try to take care of my health with diet and exercise. It’s about all I can do as a mortal soul. I’m in it to win it, and I try to be sweet. I don’t pilfer remedies or cures, but I do smile at babies without having one myself, and I filter the drinking water I’m so blessed to have. Lord, please keep us all healthy and well, minding our own business, but also thinking of others. Be safe and be sweet, friends. God is Good!

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4 thoughts on “Courage

  1. I remember lining up for a polio shot in grade school, happy to get it, having seen the effects of that disease in others. I was indoctrinated to vaccines at an early age. I lost a month of 2nd grade, including a week in the hospital, to the Mumps. Science has helped me make it to age 74, while three younger brothers have predeceased me. So at this point in my life, it is a much easier decision for me than for some. I have already had the Pfizer Booster. Wishing you good health.😎


  2. Me too. I was lining up several times to get my vaccine shots as a kid. I have to say the covid vaccine really feels different, probably because I am so much older. I think I also had several other vaccine too.


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