Well, my imaginary friends, I think I may have messed up my algorithms with this blog and my email and notifications and any sort of rational sense. I worked like all day today deleting and clearing out space, and otherwise trying to get my head back on straight, and now I’m just confused with not too much to say. I know, so what else is new?

For all of you keen and computer literate folks, please rest assured that I’m probably retiring this blog soon anyway. Honestly it has been my way of shirking the responsibilities of my actual dreams, making children’s story books. I’ll try not to remain an actual child my whole life, and I promise I can show you the grey hair to prove it. That is if I could work the photo aspect of my laptop, and you’ve seen how well I’ve done with that. That is my real dog that I hope you all can see on my site!

And so I spent the whole day restoring my life, but suddenly not even really caring anymore. Honestly, I think social media is not for me, and I want my art to be on paper again. My addictive personality gives me days like these, when all I can do is scroll through screens aimlessly, missing the actual joy of life and creativity. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of you all are great and interesting writers, but I’m just a snarky commentator of just a few paragraphs at a time.

On a lighter note, I got my booster shot on Friday. I read online, of course, that scientists have found the vaccine not to have any long term effects for the most part, and that if we’re all in this together, I pray that we all survive. This is because I feel as if I need a MacDaddy password for my very life, and keys to punch at the gates of Heaven. Time for me to get out my crayons again.

#Simple #Boring #Headaches #Science #Fear #Agony #Anxiety #Medicine #BrainDamage #MS

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