Grocery Visit

This is a little story that I would like to share with you all, not because I am silly, but because my husband is the best ever. He just might help me out.

We have had Pound Cake on our minds at our house lately, so I went and got a recipe off of the Internet, magical place that it is. Days later I drove my own lazy self to the grocery store, and got the ingredients that we did not have at home, all organic and fancy, low-sodium and such. This was going to be jam up pound cake, and I did it all by myself without any traffic violations or terrible accidents, God be praised.

When I got home, i showed my husband my groceries, perhaps with too much pride or something, because I habitually had bought reduced-fat milk, when the recipe called for whole milk! The whole reason that I made this journey was to get the blessed whole milk, and I’ve been a responsible adult for so long that I forgot about the red label for whole milk, and got green instead.

Memory Lane: Please remember the book from our youth called, “The Little Old Man Who Could Not Read,” because that was all I could think after my error. Do you remember how the little old man bought wax paper instead of spaghetti noodles and had a sad dinner when his wife wasn’t home? I was like the Little Old Man, yet clutching a tiny bottle of reduced fat milk, and feeling altogether not proud of myself.

I hope that everybody here helps somebody else to read, because obviously we think we can write and all, despite an inability of some of us to pay attention, which seems to be my personal problem. My super-excellent husband just smiled and shook his head, resolving to pick me up one of those little bottles of whole milk on tomorrow.

Tomorrow I’ll look up that children’s book, because I don’t currently remember the author’s name, sadly. It’s a really great book, and impactful on my life in the long run, as I’m still thinking about it so many years later. I’ll never forget that box of wax-paper that made me so sad when I was a kid. I hope that everybody keeps everybody else in good reading shape as the days go on!

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