Earthworm Rescue

It was late in the evening, while my husband and I were watching Jeopardy! on the television, when I noticed an earthworm on the carpet in our television-watching area. This is all just fine when one knows that the dog can freely go inside and outside through the doggy door, and that she was raised in the forest, so her ways are simple and pure. Undoubtedly she had brought in the earthworm, although we can only imagine her intentions for the creature.

With my bare hands I tried to pick up the worm, until my husband suggested reaching over and grabbing a paper towel. When I accomplished this, it was much easier to pick up the earthworm in the paper towel, because it was a pivotal moment in which the dog had left to visit her food bowl, thus leaving our friend Earthy the Earthworm all alone.

Earthy clearly had life in her still, as I could tell trough the paper towel, so I carried her out the back door when the dog was still distracted. Once safely deposited on the porch, I felt as if I had made the rescue, and that I should leave the area quietly. What would have been better would have been if I had actually placed Earthy on the dirt, so I hope she can muster the strength to get off the porch before the dog goes back out in the morning.

Tonight I’ll keep the dog inside where she belongs, and surely Nature will take over. Hopefully our little Earthworm friend will be alright. Hopefully our planet will be okay, and that the seasons will change according to Pumpkin-Spice Time.

God bless you all, gentle readers. I don’t know how much longer I’ll keep up this blogging, but you all have been so kind as to have read thus far. Have a blessed weekend, everyone!

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