Best Sunday Ever

Yesterday I had given my dog a bath, so she was beautiful! I was able today then to do some of my chores. well, the laundry. Clean clothes for the workweek ahead!

For lunch my husband and I composed the most nutritious salads from our refrigerator, and after having read about olive oil, I used olive oil as my dressing and put on some dried parsley and basil as well. I know, fancy. This is after having eaten egg noodles for dinner last night, also with dried parsley and basil. I hope that these components will be healthy for me, but I do feel good about all of the olive oil and the accumulation of nutrients.

Also today, I finally finished reading The Testaments, by Margaret Atwood. What made this so fantastic, aside from the really great story, was the fact that I had checked this out from the library, and it was not overdue, but well within checkout parameters. I felt as if this added to the glorious significance of this artifact, which is how I choose to identify the art that I consume.

The moral of this story is that one should share art freely with others, and also to support artists and venues, and to believe in this ding-dang human condition, which is just so mystifying that we all should make art about it, and celebrate those who are particularly good at representing this mystery of human life and culture and well-being.

A positive attitude and a curious mind is well-suited to all of these human efforts, and I pray that we all might stay in the game long enough to be glad about it. I certainly am glad for this day; for the laundry machine, writers and bookmakers and libraries, a day off and church online.

#Peace #Love #Harmony #Novels #Dogs #Husband #Salad #Art #Humanity #Life

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