My husband got the last peaches on the last day of our favorite produce stand. Thankfully he got them turned into a fine cobbler, before they turned to mush. We ate the last of the cobbler this evening.

It’s still hot as blue blazes, but I guess it’s the end of summer now. I’ve already broken out my ankle boots for show a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve had my first pumpkin spice latte. The kids are back in school, not my kids of course, but in any case it’s nice to see things winding down or up. Praise the Lord that I’m not a football junkie. Y’all need to leave that stuff alone this particular Fall as we get that blasted virus under wraps. Please.

In any case, I didn’t mean to bring up the harrowing days of Fall with a stinking virus, and I’m about to get my flu shot, when I see my dr. for an annual visit. I mean, every little bit helps. I just wish things were not as spooky as they are right now, so I do keep praying. I say that, but I’m the worst at long prayers, after just having learned the peace of meditation. I can’t even go worship at church because I’m afraid of the virus, and I just wish more of us were still and that we were making better progress against that wicked biological foe. Thankfully we can still read Books, especially holy ones.

The cobbler was delicious, though, and my husband himself was indeed a little wicked and even added a little sugar to the fruit. I know I’ve got to lay off the stone fruits because of the FODMAPS, but thankfully I was okay with just this little bit in the last of the summer cobbler. It was so good! I’ve learned a lot about foods by having my tummy troubles recently, but making some minor adjustments has really been helping. So thankfully the produce stand is closed, my sweet tooth has been satisfied, and I’ve still got the great boots to showcase for the Fall!

Please keep careful and healthy, dear ones, and most of all, please stay blessed!

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One thought on “Cobbler

  1. 💜 EEP!!! (Energetic Evolution Process!!!) EveryOne; the Goddess has Spoken EveryBody



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