Hello, again!

These are strange days that we are living in recently, and I’m just thankful for each individual moment. My dog still won’t let me put my nose on her nose, because she can’t help but give me doggie kisses whenever I try. It’s good to be loved.

My cat is doing pretty well, and loves it when I pour the cat food on her head apparently, because we do that at every mealtime. I think she just gets excited about eating. When I think about it, I would probably do the same thing, if I were a cat. It’s practically what I do now with snack foods.

Did a grown-up thing this weekend by cleaning up a very messy part of our house that was driving me crazy, aside from my determined laziness and inactivity. It looks so nice. I moved a little table like the she-woman I am, and will never do that again without proper supervision, but what a relief. So now we have a table moved out of one spot and into another, ready to go to its eventual home when my husband feels like dealing with it. I think it’s a two-person project. Wish us luck.

I used the broom and swept up that messy area, and now I can access my little bookshelf that had been hiding behind stuff for at least six months, maybe a year or so. Admittedly I do hoard books, but I can think of worse hoarding activities. At least most of them are used, and I am inclined to donate when they lose their meaning to my personal experience. Little small bookshelves are what make the world go round, assuredly.

Please don’t forget to visit and promote your local library, and to celebrate reading because it is the best. Thanks for stopping by this silly blog that has been vacant for a bit, but I promise it is my laptop’s fault. I’m thankful for all of you in good spirits, and I hope that you all stay healthy and blessed. Life itself is a blessing, is it not? I wish you all safety, good health, and a lifesaving positive attitude. Thanks again for reading.

#Peace #Love #Little #Clean #Tidy #Books #Libraries #Hope #Future #Learning #Dogs #Cats #Homework

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