Short Break

Please forgive my inactivity, as I’ve just not had my mind on writing or self-promotion. Also, I really needed to do a little study of the operational instructions of this Internet tool, you know, what I usually do just skim over. I don’t know why I’m like this. Perhaps it’s my unprofessionalism?

In any case, if you are still reading, please know that my mental health, the subject of this blog, has been suffering a tiny bit recently. I haven’t gone to the hospital or self-harmed, or even really thought about self-harming; it’s just the normal not feeling worthy of being alive stuff. Please don’t tell my Mom that, though. She hates it when I get like that, and in her mind, I’ve gotten over all that. Don’t want to break her heart, of course.

My message to all of you is that mental illness is a chronic, ongoing condition, even if one feels sufficiently healed. I really had thought I had made it through completely, and this was not the first time I had come to this realization. Aye criminy. Maybe it’s cyclical, or heck, maybe I’m just sick with a chronic disorder to go with my neurodegenerative brain disease, my friend Multiple Sclerosis. Multiple Sclerosis is not the same for everyone, and some days are better than others. I’m thankful for my medicine, not naming any names, but more so I’m thankful for my loved ones, including the Lord Jesus, who may or may not be your personal deity or interplanetary belief system.

In any case, my message for today is to trust and believe, and to get through it. My personal observation about life is that it does go on, except for when it doesn’t. That’s not a day I’m hoping for so much any more, but I do have to spend the time somehow, hence this blog. You really can only just read books so much, self-improve so much, and teetotal so much. Yes, I quit drinking and smoking, but I am chemically dependent on medicine, so I take it. It would be really nice if I regularly exercised, but I’m tired.

I have a husband, a cat, and a dog, a family that loves me and a bad attitude. What else is there?

#LifeSkills #Art #Music #Healing #Belief #Faith #Hope #Medicine #Jesus #Love

Please forgive my cynicism and sin-nature. I’m tryin’ here! It really is the love that we live for. Peace.

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