Cat Karma

Here’s a little true, but foreboding story for you all, taken from my real life! Hope that you all enjoy, and don’t be scared, because it has a happy ending.

I was driving home from work on Thursday afternoon, really at an honest and speed-limit-heeding pace, and you will not believe what happened! The sweetest little grey and white cat comes racing across the road, and I narrowly miss her, but I’m certain that I did not experience a tell-tale bump of being too late in my stop. Whew! That little kitty cat almost met her end, and she took my heart with her regardless. What a kitty, though, because she made it.

Perhaps I’ve been coddling my indoor cat-sized dog a little too much, and dissing my beautiful outdoor cat, just because I don’t want to maintain a litter-box inside for her benefit. I do miss her in the evenings when I snuggle with my dog, and do feel like a terrible pet Mommy most of the time, but the litter box! Never again.

I remind myself about how my first cat friend stayed indoors, but only ever wanted to go outside. Thankfully we moved and she got herself some freedom before eventually she met her Maker in the Great Outdoors, Under the Stars of Heaven, in her own Long-Life Time. She was a good girl, that cat, and her little sister is enjoying the cat food and outdoor freedom. I hope that my Cat Karma is intact, especially after the harrowing driving incident. Praise the Lord I did not hit that cute little cat before my long weekend of rest and peace and book reading! I don’t know what I would have done with myself.

Please be careful when you’re driving, friends, and make sure you keep your fur-babies appropriately where they want to be. Please don’t forget fresh food and water, and don’t forget to love on your fur-babies, because they are the souls keeping the world intact. Love thy Cat Neighbor, and Puppy Dog Protector, who indubitably Barks Too Much at the kind Mail Person.

#Cats #Dogs #Pets #Friends #Safety #Caution #Care #Love #Peace

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