Many Thanks

Dear New Friends on the Internet,

I most sincerely wish to say, “Thank You,” for allowing me to get the troubles out of my soul by writing here. You all have been so patient and kind, and most forgiving. Maybe you haven’t read my earlier posts, and I don’t recommend seeking out my worse days, but just expressing my mind in this place has been an incredible blessing to me! Thank you so very, very much.

This is my word of advice to those struggling with mental illness: even though each struggle is unique, we have been given this life to find our way. I pray that we all might seek goodness and kindness, and holiness. Peace. We are made to heal, I believe, and sometimes things need to change for that to happen. Sometimes things need to stay outwardly so incredibly the same for our big change, but it is all in our hearts and minds. Prayer helps! Stillness helps.

#Peace #Love #Truth #Faith #Friends #Guidance #Light #Blessings #Hope #Smiles #Peace

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