Here’s a short poem that I had written in probably 2011. Hope y’all enjoy.

And as we all learn gardening,

I with patience felt

The fertilization of our lives-

Despite what we’ve been dealt.

Maybe that should actually read, “The fermentation of our lives,” at least according to the lessons that I’ve personally learned in my own life. Sober now for over a year, thank you Covid Times, that took away my cousin’s wife, and countless others around the world.

I hope that everybody is safe and careful and appreciative of all the moments of peace and love and harmony. Yes, it can be a bad, bad world, but Life is so Precious and Sweet, we might as well keep on with it.

#Peace #Harmony #Love #Future #Changes #Healing #Hope #Trials #DaybyDay

4 thoughts on “Poem

    1. Thank you for your kindness! I pray our lost drafts might always get revived, with all hope and courage necessary, as well as editing. πŸ˜‰ Please keep well, friend!


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