Answered Prayer

Today at work, I was faced with a seemingly impossible task, and I do mean it was stubborn. I even tried to get help, and the task was also impossible for my coworker.

At my final attempt, I was starting to freak out a little bit, and then I got ahold of myself, and I finally remembered to pray about it. I could hardly believe how easily the task was completed after this final plea, but at the same time I knew that I was receiving an answer to my prayer. It was so perfect that I could almost not believe, but with my acceptance I knew that I must testify. Yes, my friends, our God is good.

I told my coworker what had happened; I told my husband; and I even told my Dad on the phone, when intending to tell just my Mom because my Dad does not always want to hear testimonies of faith. My husband already knows how I carry on, and my coworker is younger enough that she respectfully did just smile at me. How you all react is up to you, but I hope that you might find it encouraging to know that God is clearly paying attention, especially when your heart is solely reliant upon Him.

Although there have been some wishes and dreams of my life that have not borne out, in my current days, my thankfulness makes every blessed moment a good one. Although I had wanted to cry at several times during the day out of frustration and fear of just being alive, this tiny little miracle at the end of the day brought me closer to the peace of self-acceptance, trust, and surrender. I finally let it all go for a minute, and let my Higher Power solve my impossible problem with a little bit of a miracle. Unlocked lock, then securely fastened.

#Faith #Hope #Love #Testimony #Truth #Belief #Trust #Surrender #Jesus

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