Cat Boss

This afternoon after work, my super-brilliant intelligent cat was resting by the other side of the car port, as if she has learned which side where I park. I know. She’s a genius.

In other news, my attitude is improving so much lately, and I feel so full of hope and renewed faith and confidence. I know. God is good!

Just realized, I know you all must be waiting for that other shoe to drop and for me to tell you how depressed I’ve been previously. Actually, my medicine appears to be working, and I must be eating the right food, which apparently is Low FODMAPS and one cup of coffee in the morning. Oh yeah, and blatant disregard of most dietary manipulation, except to get the IBS under control, as I’ve so shrewdly self-diagnosed.

While I believe that I’m getting healthier, this will be day 2 of my doing twelve reps on each side of the DEADBUG exercise. I know, core training. Good for the soul.

I hope that you all have the sense to look up any such stuff I write about on here for actual facts and planetary alignment. This does apply to the Internet at large, and if you haven’t figured this out yet for your own self, please don’t try to influence anyone erringly.

I believe that you all can rest on the correct side of the drive-way for your own well-being and safety. Be a cat-boss, friends, and live outside if you want to avoid the crazy dog who lives indoors. (That was not secret code for anything, and please don’t believe in conspiracies, smart friends.) Some cats like to hang out outside, you know.

Please stay blessed, amigos. #Peace #Love #Learning #Living #Faith #Hope #Love

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