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Just finished a neat novel called, The One, by John Marrs. It gave me a lot to think about soul mates and romance and social media. Now there was some killing in this book, so if you don’t like that, you may not enjoy it. I’ve finally realized that most fiction these days is about murder and stuff, and after committedly not being a fan of that, I finally decided to just go ahead and read it all. This particular book also touches upon the question of love, and whether or not there truly is just one match for each of us.

Having decided that I’m not a middle schooler anymore, and that I’ve made my romance commitment, it was easy for me to just enjoy this unusual story. What was most thought provoking was the social media question of people trying to rule the world through computer networks. I mean, we did all watch Tron back in the day, who would have thought where it would currently lead us collectively. I don’t even dabble in dating sites as some folks do, but shoot, all this social media is about vanity anyway. But what art would we have were this not the case, and entertainment is well worth it in this human venture of creation and procreation. Life is a blessed mystery.

And murder and killing is decidedly not for me, and hopefully not for you all, too. I’m hoping that we can learn how to promote life and living and being well, with a little bit of love on the side. What else do we have to do with our time? I might suggest prayer and meditation, contemplation, and all around positive energy and good vibes. As they say, “Life is good.” I do believe that it is assuredly, despite my days of being depressed to the max, which is a lifestyle I’m trying to depart from. So yeah, be good, true to your school, and read some books, because it is good for the brain!

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3 thoughts on “Read Another Book

    1. Positivity is the best, for sure!

      I’ve only just recently gotten back in “reading shape.” For the past twenty years or so, I haven’t been able to read while on my pysch meds, as well as for the symptoms of my mental illness. I do still struggle at times!

      One day at a time is about all I can do! That’s why sometimes I don’t post here. 😉

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