Music and Me, a Mystery

You know the folks who really get music, and can play any tune; well, that’s not me. I’m an enthusiast, to be sure, but the technicality of making music can be really challenging for me, as a fearfully out-of-tune old bat.

Yes, I played in music in school, but I promise you, being out of tune put the fear of everything deep in the pit of my heart. Granted, I played the flute, and could adjust that metal pipe until it sounded okay, but knowing if something were sharp or flat scared the living daylights out of me. It was just different than what I could see. If only I had synesthesia, my life might be complete.

In this life, I want to make music, to make friends smile. Preferably this might be for the reason of a good tune, more so than for being something so outrageously out-of-tune, but I doubt myself in most songs, unless I’m in my car with the music playing, at just the right volume.

Perhaps this is the message of today, that maybe some people, like myself, really just need to sing along with enthusiasm in the privacy of one’s own vehicle, while thinking of safety first. Now, I’ll sing with preschoolers any day, but that’s about it. Maybe this is why I only foresee myself writing and illustrating children’s books, if my creative expression were to ever work out. Who knows what the future holds?

Basically, in life, there are crayons, and some are more sharp than others. I pray that we all might gain access to the crayon box with the sharpening tool right there in it, unless of course, the crayon needs to be more flat for optimum effect. I’m jealous of all the musicians, but I do wish them the absolute best. Thank you for your heavenly service!

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