Thursday’s Cup of Tea

Thursday is my absolute favorite day of the week, because even if I have to work the next few days, at least I know that Sunday will soon arrive. That is my second favorite day of the week. It’s good to have days to think about, as the ongoing sleep/wake cycle would be nothing without anticipation of the future. It’s like waiting for summer vacation when you’re a kid in school, and when you’re a grown-up, this is about as good as it gets. Just watch tv from the seventies to verify this concept.

What I’m so excited about this Thursday is my cup of tea. It’s a nice sleep-inducing herbal blend, all warm and cozy. It probably will work so well that I won’t be able to actively meditate or to pray, aside from the doggie kisses and face-washing, the other highlights of my life.

Yes, friends, my message to the blog universe today is the ever-wise suggestion of, “Take it Easy.” I recommend this mantra for getting through the arduous days ahead, and it is indeed true that I’ve got no kids, so I can indeed “take it easy.” Thankfully my doggie makes me go to bed when it gets dark, as a tribute to her forest days when she was alone or misplaced or abandoned for my future benefit of bereft, childless coping. Did I tell you how thankful I am about my MS and psych meds, dog and cat keeping, Jesus-loving life bliss? Well, it is real. I do encourage you all to give it a try, you know, to take it easy. Life is such a precious gift, made better with tea and pets, hard work and rest. Thanks for reading, and I do offer you encouragement for getting by. Take care!

#Faith #Hope #Rest #Tea #Dogs #Cats #Pets #Simple #Hope #Jesus #Love #Peace

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