Back in the Day

Back in the old-timey days of when I wrote posts here more regularly, it was not an exhaustive effort to “Write” or to add a “New Post.” It could be that I’m actually quite literally losing my mind, or perhaps it is true that computers hate me. I do know that said machines are inanimate objects, but it’s just so hard to know what in the world is going on in the world anymore, so that I just really cannot say.

After wrestling with the snakes of computer world, here you are stuck with me again. Thank you for tuning in.

What I really wanted to share with you all is that I read a fabulous book recently, and it was Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir. I loved it so much I bought a copy on sale for my Mom and Dad, knowing full well that neither of them choose to really read much anymore, even though this would be the perfect book for them both to enjoy. I’m always about bringing people together like that, as if fifty plus years together is not enough.

Also like in the olden days, tonight I ate some ice cream. It was delicious. I hope that it does not tear my stomach up and make me sick, but I could not resist one more minute of no creamy goodness ever again. Pistachio, even. My dog licked the lid and bowl when I was done. It’s how we share. Now she’s chewing her chew stick.

What is notable about this day is that I did not lose my mind, I shared some of my psychotic episodes lessons with someone with whom I shared a medication experience, and I took the trash to the curb. Get this! Our community actually replaced our broken-off trash can lid, in response to an email that my husband sent about a week ago. It’s nice when community resources work in our favor, and I do not feel that makes me a socialist for appreciating what people working together can do. I did exercise my capitalist tendencies at the community Big Lots yesterday, and also at the grocery store. It is all about community, no doubt, and true love, for sure.

#PsychMeds #TrashCan #Community #CivicDuty #Dogs #Cats #SpaceTravel #Books #StillAlive

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