Now, friends, I like to cut up as much as the next person, but I do not drink or smoke, and rarely watch tv. Is there something wrong with me? I can only attend to, like, one person at a time, and much rather would want to develop my skills or read a book. Most likely just read a book. I’m not so good at practicing, because of the laziness and self-doubt. I don’t think that I’ll make it as an artist, but maybe one of these days I’ll say something cute to match my shoes.

It’s so crazy to me that we have collectively decided to honor substance abuse as a legitimate occupation, and that we celebrate when people are messed up, because it is funny. It’s hard to move forward when one is only thinking of the party the following day.

Because of my health issues, multiple sclerosis and schizoaffective disorder, I do think rather clearly about sobriety. I wish that my liver were not so heavily burdened by my medicine for rational behavior and everyday balance, but this is the price I pay for not killing myself. What is partially wrong is that I can’t just have a glass of wine without drinking the whole bottle, so I abstain. If y’all can just have one drink and be okay, then have at it, but please don’t take the younglings out with you for the sake of showing off your tolerance.

In modern day parlance, one might say, please just go think for your own self. Be somebody, friends, and learn to play an instrument, or at least support artists who do, even if they have a substance abuse problem. See, the message for the day is that you just can’t win, but you can’t really lose unless you end up killing yourself. Please stay among the living, friends, and if you do need help, please seek it. We all just want everybody to be okay in the end.

#Peace #Love #Hope #Character #Growth #Faith #Serious #Fun #Life #Blessings #Love #Peace

3 thoughts on “Sobriety

  1. 💜 It’s NEVER!!! The “Substance” EveryOne, it’s The Mood; for example I Drink Red Wine ALL Day in 95% Good Mood and 5% Bad Mood and Can Still Write



      1. 💜 Thank YOU!!! for YOUR!!! Kind, Supportive Words SupaSoulSis; much Appreciation from ALL Us Happy, Condemned to Hell, Drunkards and Other ‘Addicts’ to ALL Cool, Calm, Sad, Sombre, Angry, Sorrowful, Miserable Sobers who probably ‘abuse’ “substance” in PRIVATE!!! and Still Expect Heaven when They Die a Slow, Sad, Miserable Death 《 Written while Perpetually Drunk on Red Wine; just FYI (For YOUR!!! Information)



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