Good Girl Gone Bad (My Dog)

My dog is a very, very ill-behaved good girl, who only likes her Mommy and Daddy, and maybe a few aunties and uncles, but she just will not be polite! I would send her to doggy school if I could trust her not to bite anyone. I know, I’m a bad parent, but she is just so very cute that she can get away with anything.

Her last act of flagrant disobedience did not involve a bite this time, but there was an unfortunate incident with a very kind food delivery person, when she went clean out the front door, and started running around close to home, but far enough away that she could not be brought back home. The Delivery Guy was super nice, but I was so embarrassed! I assured him that she would be back, and even as he drove off, she was still chasing after him. I know he must have been shaking his head as he got off our street safely, without running over a bad dog.

Interestingly, this is how I got her back home. Of course she cannot resist me when I call her because of the love we share, but I absolutely had to convince her to come back by inviting her through the gate into the back yard, at which point she quite naturally just ran into the house through her doggy door.

I think my dog is having an existential crisis in which she cannot decide if she is a good girl or a bad girl. We keep telling her she’s a good girl, and perhaps our positive reinforcement isn’t actually working, and this would work better if I were more authoritative. She’s still my favorite dog, though, and I would do anything for her, if she’d let me.

The answer to the age-old question really just might be that cats are better after all. They are certainly more like grown-ups. I love my dog so much though, and I never knew I could be this devoted to any one, let alone a good girl gone bad at times: my dog. My cat would never do something like this, which is why she gets to live outside on her own, like the good girl she is, who can be trusted to roam free.

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8 thoughts on “Good Girl Gone Bad (My Dog)

  1. We had an inside cat who liked to sneak outside. One time it slipped through the door as we came inside. A minute later it was attacked by a stray cat. We were able to save her and bring her back to the safety of the great indoors. She has never tried to
    sneak outside since then, even though that happened years ago.

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  2. 💜 Non-Humans Don’t Use Words EveryOne; thus, ARE Far Better Communicators than We ARE


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    1. Thank you for reading! My dog friend is the best. Obviously she is my first dog friend. Hopefully I’ll have some stories about her amazing transformation into a therapy dog or something, except she is already gving me therapy and patience! LOL. Take care!

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