Chew Stick

Because my doggie grew up as an abandoned dog in the woods, (or Forest, as I like to call it) she has a bamboo chew toy that is a stick. She loves that thing! It’s a Chew Stick, instead of a chew bone. If you imagine that she’s just an enlightened carnivore who likes plants and trees instead of dead animals, please know how that girl can tear into some meat when it’s off my dinner plate. We are not all innocent babes on this carnivorous planet. Plus, plants have feelings, too. I hate eating all those tasty animals, honestly, but I do thank the earth (and more importantly, God above) for its food treasures before I chow down.

In any case, my little doggie is sitting at the edge of the bed with her chew stick, happy as a clam. She is such a good doggie, because she cares. Seriously, we cannot leave our house without agony from that girl-dog-child. She has such a special place in my husband’s and my heart because she is effectively being the little baby in our family. Our cat, obviously, she is grown-up. While our dog does not really like to be held, sometimes she will act babyfied just for our benefit, but the cat, not as much.

I don’t think I’ll tell you all too much more about my various ailments, but I’ll probably bring it all up again. I mean, have I not yet outgrown my psychological problems? Yes, I have, and I take my medicine appropriately. Screw all y’all super-healthy naysayers that give us all crap for taking our meds. Honestly. Give me a break.

Okay so I might not have outgrown my bad attitude and ill temper, but I’m good enough. Now I’ve got to go exercise, since my beautiful dog won’t learn how to go on a walk with me. Dang, life is tough. Our cat, though, lives outside and fights crime, maybe, or just threatening vermin and such, but actually she sits on the porch a lot and eats food pellets when I offer it to her. We are living in the twenty-first century. It is the future, assuredly.

Be good, friends! #Peace #Love #Dogs #Cats #Exercise #Trust #Faith #Future #Laptop #WiFi #Madness #Peace

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