Staying Busy

Lately it has been time to do chores and go to work, read books and enjoy my husband, dog, and cat. Our time on Earth is so limited, and my energy levels keep me at the spectator level. This is why my posts are so short, and why I like to keep it simple, constantly. I do enjoy my family and friends, especially the fuzzy ones.

Blogging is so silly for me because I only write these little journal posts in first person, and my drive to write, or do anything of consequence, is naught. It’s really impressive what some of you all do here, as your writing keeps me interested and thinking of new ideas. I love new ideas and beautiful colors and shapes. If only I could be a real artist.

In the meantime, I only will write these little blurbs about how anxious or not anxious I currently am. It has been really helpful for me to take medicine for my anxiety, but I won’t share what or why, because that is my personal business. Only will I encourage you all to seek help and comfort if anxiety is your booger-bear. It is so nice to have this more so under control because sometimes my heart does sing on the inside, with the joy of being alive, after the suicidal days. If you only knew, but I’d rather that you didn’t because it sucked. I just want to move forward.

Moving forward, today I’m ever so thankful for my loved ones, and the blissful days that I have had every now and again. I’m pretty sure I’m not bipolar, and mainly am just depression oriented, with psychotic features at times, because life, she is crazy. Schizoaffective is my booger-bear of choice, with the anxiety making it all possible.

But enough about me; how can I make this blog not about me? I don’t like to share my heartfelt opinions about anything ever, but just can’t shut the hell up. This life is so beautiful and I just want to tell you why, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Every day I seek that bliss, and lately it seems to have been closer. Wish me luck, as I do for you all, which is why I don’t run away, per usual. Take care everybody! Thank you for reading.

#Peace #Trying #MentalHealth #Summer #ThoughtBroadcasting #MajorDepression #Schizoaffective #Normalcy

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