Payback Cat

Well, friends, I think that my cat has been reading my blog. After yesterday’s post, where I was not the most endearing of cat mothers, she came against me in opposition by the most endearingly passive aggressive way. It was so cute that I immediately had to report this, because, she must be reading my blog.

Here’s the story and evidence:

As I was coming home after work and was proceeding up my driveway, I noticed that my darling and best cat was sitting directly in front of where I enter the garage. Usually it is sufficient to raise the garage door and she will move, but not today. I actually really had to put the car in park, get out and politely ask my cat to please move so I could enter the garage. Of course I did thank her when she did move, and I filled up her sustenance bowls shortly after I got back in the car and then parked.

This is all quite charming until we do see the relentless madness of life. It started to rain shortly after, and she is still an outside cat! So sorry, dear. Cat Mommy has not yet gotten her cat door installed in the side door, but will soon, I promise!

Let us all be thankful and glad that I do not have human kids, and that my husband is incredibly resilient and strong, with interests of his own. It’s miraculous that humans do exist for their full life-span, and that our furry friends keep us humble in the meantime. Clearly my cat had a point to prove, that she is the alpha cat, and that I’d better get that cat-door in soon.

I did not tell my dog the story, but did get her dinner immediately.

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3 thoughts on “Payback Cat

  1. Thank you for the kind words! Glad you enjoyed the brief story. My cat surely will not move until the very last moment! Usually I don’t have to stop and ask for her permission to park, but yesterday!


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