Doggie Bath

My beloved doggie got a bath today, mainly because it’s the afternoon and there was nothing better to do. She had been scratching like a maniac lately, so I figured she needed one. She’s got it under control now, though, and is no longer afraid of the water or the soap. One might say, “Good Girl!”

Because this is my first doggie-baby, I’m not the best doggie bath-giver or pet groomer. Man, could you imagine if this was a human child? For all the regular mommies and daddies, way to go!

When I had my first cat, who is in heaven now, my mother immediately made me bathe her, I guess so I could be a rock-solid parent like her. Now I have the sense not to bathe a cat, and let my cat baby live outside where she is free and happy, with regular cat-food meals. She’s not a baby like my little doggie, though, who is my keeper and boss-lady. Thankfully she will bite any suspicious guest, who could be anyone, regardless of how well she might know our friends.

She hates the front door, so we are not allowed to use it. I give her a bath in a sink, because she is a little dog, and she would be so happy if she would learn some skills of living, like going for walks and stuff. As of now, her exercise is climbing stairs that are too tall for a little dog, and running in the back-yard, also like a maniac. She still wins the doggie prize, though, because she is so appreciative of her food and water, and even her regular baths, that I think she does appreciate now. It makes her feel like one of the family, I guess.

Life on earth is not for the feeble-hearted, as it is tough for all of us creatures, great and small. Baths are luxuries, for sure. Cleanliness is the way, friends!

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