Whole Lot of Crazy

Probably I don’t really need to call to your attention the amount of crazy going on in the world currently, because it is of course painfully obvious, and perhaps it has always been this way. So, please, use your thinking brains and don’t fall prey to conspiracy theories, crazed demagogues, nutty ideas and just go out and get yourself a dog. Then you will be okay.

Please remember that we can always change for the better, and that our Buddhist friends have been so kind as to point out that, “Everything Changes.” And it does! You can always heal, and you don’t have to stay the same way your whole life out of stubbornness or spite. As we learned from our Disney movie friends, you can always, “Let It Go.”

My next effort in the living of my life is to learn to play the guitar. I do understand that I’ll have to rigorously practice, because my dreams of just picking up an instrument and being able to play it immediately never pans out. I mean, I was pretty good with a tin whistle once, and a “magical musical thing” which is a real toy from the eighties, and I can monkey around with melodies on keyboards, but the more complex harmonies and chords and all of that magic is somewhat beyond my comprehension. My whistling is always off-key, and I don’t know how to fix that. It’s kind of weird. I’m going to study, promise!

But please, let’s all of us be nice to one another, and not act like we are better than anybody else, because we are all in this together on Team Earth. We’ve got a whole lot of cleaning up to do here on our planet, and a lot to consider for our individual health and safety. Please care for your loved ones, and don’t forget yourself. Self-care is your friend! My encouragement for today is that healing is possible and it starts with your soul. Singing and praising the Lord just might be the most important way. And you don’t have to have a million dollar record deal to sing when you wash the dishes, you can just do it for your own delight.

And singing with yourself is not crazy, but you can tell what is crazy when you see it on tv. Yeah, y’all are smart enough to see your way out of these strange days, so please go forth, live long, and prosper. Life is such a blessed event, so please share it kindly with all of us other creatures. Be safe and healthy and well today!

#Peace #Love #Hippies #Music #Cats #Dogs #Caterpillars #Butterflies #Life #Holiness #Worship #Praise

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