A Little Bit of Both

My favorite barbecue restaurant has figured out a menu strategy that I was so glad that I learned about, for yumminess sake. When faced with the question of, “Cole slaw or potato salad?,” it is absolutely permissible to say, “A Little Bit of Both, please.” And so you do indeed get a little bit of both, and it does satisfy the taste buds, because they are both so delicious, and why should it be one not the other?

I’ve adopted this strategy to more facets if my life, and it does help when faced with extremism or dogma or all around crazy stuff. It helps one’s passivity not lead to aggression, and I do suggest that y’all might give it a try, or at least those of you that consider life a team sport with things like absolutes.

For instance, I do think politics shouldn’t really be a team sport, and that you know one might research the ideals of each constituent rather than solely their party affiliation, but it might already all be shot to Hell anyway with the red and blue denotations, at least in America. I’m not a political strategist, but I do think that blue is the prettier color. It’s all about that crayon box. You need all of the pretty colors to make a nice picture.

It’s not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game, right? Let’s all be sweet and remember those whom we are memorializing today, who have kept it going and promoted that freedom that we love in these here parts. Right or left, I’ll have a little bit of both. Political discourse and using our thinking brains.

In memory of those who have defended freedom.

#MemorialDay #Peace #Love #Doggies #Kitties #Rainbows #Barbecue #Sharing #LivingTogether

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