Hot Dog!

Dear friends, I hope that this might help someone. I was just in the midst of WordPress purgatory, where I could not get the laptop to get to a place where I could write, and I didn’t really know what I wanted to say anyway. Now, though, I’ve got the keyboard cooking with my profound existential question: why should I keep this here blog? Honestly, why do I do this except for my vanity, or maybe for somewhat free therapy that I enact on my own self?

Well, the exclamation that I used to entitle this blog concerns my excitement of getting to a place where I can be myself again, after my not very long break of neither here nor there and not writing. Now I can tell you what’s on my mind!

I felt guilty all day about my post yesterday, because I just professed my love for Jesus in a not very eloquent way. It is probably better that I keep my faith hidden under a bushel. My goal of this blog is to encourage, and really, the awakening that I claim actually just might be one of my own self-acceptance. I’m just glad to not be so sleepy with all of my medicines to treat my MS and schizoaffective disorder. Not to mention my hypothyroidism. I would more adequately claim Jesus’ healing with something to show for myself, but maybe it’s just that I keep living and am no longer suicidal by some sorcery of medicine and… caffeine! Tea, my friends, and just a little coffee in the morning.

For the purpose of this particular weblog of this day, my message is this: Please keep on truckin’ and don’t give up or consider yourself at the end of your days. God is so good and so infinite and loving and merciful that He might just let you all keep blogging, and even me, too. I hope that I have that elusive “personal relationship,” but I’m still working on getting closer to Love and Trust and Faith and Hope. One day at a time, Sweet Jesus.

Oh, and if Jesus is not your thing, I promise to be mindful of that and just to write about silly trivial matters like the meaning of life and spiritual awakening on a good day. Not silly! Nothing is silly because life is so profound and inscrutable, and I am just a little part of it, bombarding you with my rumination. Thank you for reading dear ones, and please know that you are loved, and always saved, unless you are wicked, in which case, I’m sure you can find better things to pursue on the Internet, but please don’t. Please be good!

#SpaceandTime,y’all #Infinity #Forever #Peace #Heaven #PresentMoment #Meditation #Love

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