My husband and I just ate about a million wintergreen life savers, each individually wrapped. I’m actually eating one right now, as I write! This might be as close to bliss as I might ever see, and if so, woo-hoo! As my mother might say, “Thank you, Jesus!” Actually, I don’t think that my mother would as casually invoke the name of Our Lord and Savior, or sit around eating life-savers all night either.

When I was Roman Catholic, I used to go to Confession fairly regularly, and I would confess about situations like these, where I might take the Lord’s name in vain, purely out of enthusiasm for life on Earth. Priests tend to be really sweet about such a confession, and say really nice things. I’d say that the human condition is such that we might as well just sit around all day in the Confessional, because we might not ever measure up.

Now that I’m “Stealth Baptist,” a term I promise that I did not make up myself, I conveniently feel as if I’ve been washed in the Water of Love, and that I’ll make it through the next few days by believing and trusting the Lord. Lord Jesus (Yeshua) My life has improved so much since I’ve learned that Jesus really is from the name “Yah Shua” and that points mainly to our salvation. Yes, indeed, that would be the miracle and the Good News that we share. I hope that I didn’t write my Lord and Savior’s name inappropriately, or spell it wrong, or in any way detract from the goodness of God and Jesus, and I’m just a human monkey anyway. This is really the best I can do, but probably not. I ought to go back to school to learn this stuff. It’s serious business. Do they let Southern Baptists maybe not affiliated with The Southern Baptist Convention, who worship at a non-denominational church because they just love G*d so much, do they let those girls go back to the Confessional?

In any case, those were some really great candies, and I did not even look to see the sparks. There’s still a couple left, so I might turn off the lights and watch the light from the Life Saver in the Bathroom Mirror, and this would be cool to see. May the Good Lord bless all of you who read this to the end, and mainly, I just pray that we all might be well and be saved!

#Salvation #Chemistry #WintergreenLifeSavers #GoodLife #Together #Sharing #Love #Peace #Harmony

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