Magical Thinking

Dear friends, please know that magical thinking does get on my very last nerve. I spent a fair amount of my adult life overcoming schizophrenic delusional thinking, so when purportedly sane folks are wandering over into magical thinking land, I get a little cranky because of my previous suffering of not knowing what is real and what is true. I dare say that our current situation in the magical world that we have created with social media and television and film has wandered well into looney tunes. Granted, I love a good song, but please play me one with actual notes.

My opinion really does not matter, but I do pray that collectively we learn some critical thinking skills. I know that I almost always talk about my faith on this blog, but I honestly have recently realized that the line between faith and magic can sometimes get a little sketchy. And that, my friends, is a little silly. I hope that we all can learn to laugh at the state of the world of reality and people crying, “fake news,” and nobody really knowing what in the Sam T Hill is going on.

My faith is centered on following one man who lived two thousand years ago and taught love to anyone who might listen. Currently, that particular mission has gotten a little crazy, and people are throwing fits about wearing masks, you know, to protect others from harm. Now, superheroes are allowed to wear masks in movies, because that is real life? See, now you all need to pay attention, and do your best to keep everybody safe. It’s horrible that the world can be so crazy that innocent bystanders might not be safe on a regular day, that people need firearms and that folks are not respecting one another’s right to be alive as a sentient being, one who lives and breathes, goes to work, pays taxes and votes, for the purpose of ensuring that everyone else can, too.

Now I just wandered over into run-on sentences, which means I might be tempted to get magical, but I promise you that my feet are on the ground. I do not smoke or drink, because it made me crazy, and I only want to be healthy and well and to go forth with kindness and love. I hope that y’all might do the same, and that we all might remember to keep it real. Our days of space travel might never get here if nobody grounds themselves in good sense, and I have to wonder about so many of you that I see on television news, but thankfully not the humble souls in our WordPress Community. Reality, friends, is precious, so please do not squander it, and please remember not to quit your day job, unless something real comes up that’s better.

Yay, friends, a bright future together! #Peace #Love #Learning #Trust #Faith #Friends #Future #Community

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