Peaceful Life-Saver

I got myself some Life Savers: Wintergreen rings of pure love and devotion. They were only a dollar for a bag, and even though they are all individually wrapped, each one has a purpose for making my sweet-tooth smile. The individual wrapping is good for my sugar addiction, but those plastic slips are bad for the environment, my new best friend.

I wonder if it is that we shall solve the climate crisis, save organic lives, or just give up entirely, despite the soon to be extinct Honda Fit. I’m thinking that there shall be some semblance of repair, but we might lose some precious plant and animal souls in the process. Having faith that we might just improve some qualities of life on Earth, I’ve begun to pray. Not to the candies, but to the Lord above, of course.

Honestly, is life on arth so miserable that we have to destroy it, make art about the destruction, and have really terrible struggles for fairness and rightness of being? Please do not let there be another mass-extinction, and especially not one that we create our own selves. Go get ’em, Greta.

I have committed myself to sing and pray, and to quit hating on just about everyone for getting on my last frazzled nerves. Maybe we just all need to chill out and be sweet, and eat life savers, wintergreen. It is really hard to exist here on earth, just ask the wild animals, but it is so very much worth it, especially when one has a pet dog and cat. Even my dog tore up her toy stuffed Bucky doll, so maybe none of us can have nice things, because of our tendency to tear it all up. I pray that we might today and tomorrow build it up, but not by means distressing our emerald planet, but by restorative ways of growth and repair, much like the growth and cutting-off of our fingernails. God is so good, let us not forget, and I believe that we are, too, simply because He made us.

#Peace #Love #Environment #Hope #Future #Progress #Recycling #SpaceTravel #Jesus #Spirit #Manicure #Clean

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