Very Dear Friends

Dear Friends, I just want to let you know how effective this habit of blogging can be for taming an errant mind. Expressing oneself creatively with actual rules of grammar and common sense does help a soul to navigate this rocky road of life on Earth. Because Earth can be a hard planet where one might too easily feel alone, crying out in the wilderness of the Internet does ease those sensations of isolation, because ineveitably, somebody will check it out. Because it is there. We are all biding our time, from here to eternity, and sometimes not alone.

I have been a horrible friend to most of my friends, but really just for doing nothing. I can be a pain in the ass because I don’t connect, and really just run around woebegotten and blue, and most people don’t like to hang out with a sad sack because it is not fun. I have finally invited mysefl to the party of my life, and I’m ever so thankful to be smiling again. Granted, I did just have some coffee with my dinner, but if that’s what it takes, then okay. It’s nice to be thinking positive thoughts for once.

My point here is that retraining one’s patterns of thought is part of the game, and it is how to keep on playing. It does take work to be a tolerable human, but also it is well worth the effort. A little bit of blogging may put a spring in your step, and ease the pain of just living here on this beautiful planet, that is so beautiful it hurts. Yep, everybody else is happier and cuter, or maybe it’s just that they feel like they are part of the exclusive club of life that doesn’t want to die. Having wanted only to die for so long, I’m giving that up. Here I am at this very moment, changing my mind. Thanks for being here with me. I hope this helps someone make some choices for living and loving, and thanking their Creator for this Beautiful Life. May God bless your art, friends, and mostly your very life! For it is good. Just ask the microorganisms sharing your gut with you. Please be happy and well, friends!

#Positivity #Life #Affirmations #Hope #Future #Present #Thankful #Imagination #Creativity #Choices

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