Swiss Cheese

You know, I’ve had the realization as of late that my brain is much like Swiss cheese. What is most concerning to me about this is whether this is due to my advancing years or to my brain disease that I have come to love. In any case, I love myself, so I assume that it is all good. There are some things that I might like to more easily forget, but it’s just all of those super important things that I need to remember that I worry about.

On a good day, though, it’s all good and there are no worries. These are the best days. I can’t imagine what it must be like to rely on your performance smarts 24-7, and I always knew that I was not cut out for that sort of knowledge or occupation, except for the Quiz Bowl days of my youth, when I did actually know some answers. Thankfully I knew better than to pursue those actual knowledge challenges, and while I did fail at design, as a drop-out, of course, I’ve managed to situate myself in such a place as that I just need to be able to look stuff up, and that is why God invented computers.

But yes, I have come to love my brain disease, because it does help me to forget good portions of my existence, and mainly the parts that I would rather not remember. Mainly now I concentrate on the affect, and maintaining a positive mindset, while keeping friendly. Mainly I don’t worry about the effects of causes beyond my control, and things just go better that way. When I cannot do the math, there are calculators, and if worse comes to worse, I can usually cipher on paper with a pen. Granted, this makes me a more generous tipper, but I deal in such meager sums it usually does all work out. Probably this keeps me more popular at the hairdresser, but if I get a good haircut, my heart expands anyway.

Now, Multiple Sclerosis has altered my life, but it has improved it by causing me to pay attention to what matters in order of priority. Quite simply, I’m blessed because I can still walk, so I always take the steps when I must. It’s kind of like I’ve made myself into a word problem that I can usually figure out how to solve. When I can’t, the cool thing is that folks are genuinely nice and helpful in most instances. Please let us not all forget that we are human, with compassion and concern, despite whatever awful transformation the human race must be accomplishing currently for the sake of dollar signs. Let’s all pray that folks stay nice and remember to be faithful to one another, in truth and love. And let’s pray that jobs continue to exist for daffodils like myself who can only do so much. This is whay God is good, so He can watch us all get by okay, and this is why we have pets. I’m assuming that it is actually all about the love in our hearts, and yes, that is why we have pets.

Happy Mother’s Day. My cat and my dog love me, and it is all good, all the time. Please keep well.

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