Happy Caturday!

Dear friends, I know that I always talk about my dog and everything, but I have a really fine Outdoor cat, too. She is a beautiful and true spirit. I think that she ran away one time, but she did come back. She knows how much we love her, because we do hiss at neighborhood cats that try to impinge upon her territory or steal her food. Actually, she does become more aware of our love for her when we go outside and pet her. She loves that. She is a very good girl.

Ironically, the reason that she’s an outdoor cat is because we just did not want to manage a litterbox inside, again, but our precious cat-like dog cannot seem to learn to go outside for that crucial business of hers, and we must protect our floor with pee-pee pads, much like a litter box, except probably nastier.

So yes, my furbabies are actually willful babies, but my cat gets to be a Badass GrownUp, even though we are still a little miffed at her for playing so tough with our elderly, now-deceased cat, her elder sister by adoption. Granted she was a kitten and had grown up with the rest of her litter in a family home, unlike our veteran cat, who was my first furbaby and came from a shelter, obviously a traumatic upbringing, but she was beautiful. She is now buried in our back yard, so I do like to look at the photographs from her tiger days, and remember what a sweet kitty she was, at least until we got that young upstart. The one who is now so close to my heart.

Perhaps life is as simple as that. We get what we get and do the best we can. Sometimes there are nice Furless Parents who bestow love and care upon us, but likely there is a whole history of existence before we even got there, with us Pet Parents. Shoot, existence is so incredibly challenging for all of us. Let’s all thank our Caregivers in a Socially Distant Way, and keep our hugs at home. Or with our FurBabies, because they love that until they want to fight, or you know, play.

Let’s all pray for peace and harmony, truth and justice, freedom form bullies and a jam-up weekend of peace and love. I’m thankful for every good day, and try not to take any day for granted. So yes, friends, it’s Caturday, so let some cat walk by with out bothering it, and let it rub up on your leg if it’s feeling friendly. Purring is a great Peace Notifier. Cats are special creatures, as are dogs, and humans are the silly ones who want to be the boss of everything. That’s why there are Disney movies, and why we sing about “Let It Go.” Because, honestly, it’s too hard to be perfect, so we can just try to be nice. Do unto others, as one might do unto you. And pray that works.

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