Just thought I’d venture by to wish you all well, but it is getting late, and I’m getting tired! This might be quick and not very amusing, but today I want to mention something that has been troubling me. I think it’s just my natural anxiety, so please don’t worry about me, or yourselves for that matter. I hope that this observation does not put an anxiety-provoking thought in your heads, but judging from tv, that is a ludicrous idea!

I don’t know about you, but when I sign off with, “Take care,” I’m overcome with a sense of forboding that is only appeased by putting a “Please” in front of it. Sometimes it is so anxiety-provoking that I have to go back and write the entire phrase of, “Please take good care.” By this time I feel like such a weirdo, that I recognize why I’m not often invited to parties. This is good for my currently well-tempered alcohholism, but on the other hand, what if everyone just thinks that I’m a strange chicken?

Fortunately with my husband’s brand new haircut and a healing brain, I can usually talk myself out of all this, and have a lovely evening. This is what I’ll enact this particular evening, surely. And on a lighter note, I’m pretty sure that I forgot to wash my hair in the shower this morning, but nobody said anything about the oiliness. I thought that was very nice of everyone. I’ll do my best with mindfulness this evening and tomorrow morning, and will just wait patiently for the next strange feat of not remembering that comes next.

#Brains #Minds #NotDepressed #Anxiety #Awareness #Peace #Living #Human #Hope #Dogs #Cats #Sleep

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