I gave my husband a haircut again today (this being the second one that I have been brave enough to administer.) He looks great, as good as my dog and cat. In other self-grooming news, he said that he would give the dog a bath today. Maybe, or maybe not. We shall see.

We agreed that I should not go near his wonkey eye-brows, and I obeyed. Although seemingly it would be so simple to make a few quick clips, we’ve got to have boundaries. It’s the basis of our fifteen years! Fifteen good years, with a savings thus far of like thirty dollars in haircuts alone. I know!

Now, I got over my sad weekend of feeling not quite right, and with this fine accomplishment of familial grooming, I feel like I can be somebody next week. This is especially fine since my vacation will be over, and it will be back to the grindstone. At least the anxiety is somewhat subdued today, perhaps because of the potato salad that my Mom made for our lunch yesterday. To go with the hotdogs, and coleslaw and sauerkraut that she heated up in the microwave, like a good Mommy. If only there had not been diet Pepsi. I really should offer to make iced tea for my parents, but I forget. It’s like the one kitchen skill that I have. What would Grandma say, if she were still with us? Probably to go get some fresh leaves off that mint plant in the window.

On another fine note for my weblog diary, well, I got some new ankle boots. This is my reward for participating in a study at the local medical school. I know, changing lives, making waves. Yes, I freelance as a professional patient, as you may have guessed, but not really. Thankfully though, my MS is in remission, and I can probably still walk in these awesome ankle boots come fall. We do what we can, right?

Be safe, be well, and be happy. Thank you for reading, and most of all, please stay blessed!

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