I had a week off, last week, so I enjoyed my staycation. I did a whole lot of nothing, but I did finish a book so I can return it to the library.

My current staycation objective is to mop the floors in my home, which was a goal from the outset, but not yet realized. I really think that this action will vastly improve my well-being and my life at large, so wish me luck. Don’t expect any photos or anything, as this shall be my selfless act for accomplishing self-pride. My husband and I know the benefits of self-pride, and do try to remind each other to stay cool.

My caffeine dreams have recently brought me to the temple of matcha tea, and I’m so excited to be on this journey of self-love to go with the self-pride. Thankfully matcha tea is consumed like one bowl at a time, and the whisking really makes one feel as if one is accomplishing something. Much like how the floor-cleaning will transpire, coming up soon.

I wish you all the best with your chores and self-care, and the getting over of significant mental illness. Remember it does take time, and you are on the retreat that is called you. I’ve neglected my poetry posting, but I figure you all will be okay. I mean, write some your own self. It will look nice with your tea and clean floors.

As the wise men say, “One day at a time.” Also, I quit drinking because of COVID and also out of self-respect, and it’s really working out for me. I did not keep track of sobriety dates, so please just imagine sometihng fine. I hope that you all are also quite well, and I trust in healing and redemption for us all.

#Peace #Love #Hope #Future #Optimism #Self-Care #Redemption #Trees #Cats #Dogs #Environment

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