Catch Up

I have only now just almost caught up on everybody’s posts from last week, and I do apologize for not reflecting sooner. Y’all are great! I’m so thankful to read and share in your blog worlds. I believe communication is the way of the future, so hopefully we all might learn to listen reflectively.

It is April, and I promised you some poems. I thought that I might ease into the poetry sharing moment by contributing some of my favorite by famous poets,, but then, again, I got lazy. I promise to do better.

So here’s a cute little one that I wrote. It’s short. Please don’t steal it.

Marriage, written May 20, 2011 by Mrs. Susan Gray

“My pride and your pride,

Sitting side by side.

One of us lapped the other up.

I don’t know who did what.”

And that is your poetry month of April lagniappe from me, from my brain, so please don’t steal it. Please let it be known, I cannot stand the block editor, although I do see that some of you all have mastered and defeated it, but I’m not so lucky yet. And frankly, mastery and defeat should only apply to computer settings and verse form anyway, to ensure peace on Earth. That’s a fine lesson that I learned from this exercise today. Thank you for allowing it! I didn’t cuss about it too much, truly.

Doin’ chores today at home since I don’t have to go to work today. Please wish me luck, and please all of you, stay blessed and happy and peaceful. Life is precious and sweet, my complete stranger friends that I interact with somewhat regularly. Really, computers have made human interaction so much better.

Take care, and be good!

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