April Woes

Despite my good intentions to offer you all some poetry for the month of April, instead it was my duty to spend time with my family, so not many posts. Any posts about poetry, not even. Sorry. To be honest, I chickened out. Even to share something already in the world made me nerovus, because I did not want you all to think that I’m not cool. I always worry about that, and it reneders me quite mute. The month is not over yet, so who knows what the future holds.

Goodness, gracious, though, I just finished a novel that I wanted never to end. I won’t tell you much about it, because my distance from media overload keeps me able to enjoy works of art like literature. Try it, not overconsuming media! You’ll like it. It was a great read, and I even recommended it to my boss, something that I never do.

The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek, by Kim Michele Richardson, is the novel that I so much enjoyed, so go get to your libraries. It was so wonderful in so many ways, that I’ll let you all read the book and come up with your own opinions. I hope that you will be pleased. It is indeed, life-affirming.

Like poetry, and I’ve got none of that to offer you today. Usually my poems arrive before sleep, but lately I’ve been sleeping too well. My psych meds are winning, and my belly is burgeoning. Thankfully I’ve got no beach travel plans.

This Wednesday I get my second shot, so maybe I can visit with friends again. That will be very nice, although I suspect the summer will be hot, as it always is. I’ve been exercising to heal my strange MS woes, though not always religiously, but every day is a new one with new challenges of self-care.

I wish you all the healthiest fo self-care for the summer, and I hope that everybody gets to take it easy, but not so well that you forget how to be human. I mean, don’t forget to brush your teeth, and still go to your jobs.

Happy Late Spring, Onward to Summertime!

#Fun #Reading #Summertime #Poems #MaybeNot #GoFigure #TakeCare!

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