Easter Sunday

At the close of this Easter Sunday, I just hope that all of you had a nice, peaceful day with friends and family. If you follow Jesus, as do I, then I hope another year of celebrating the miraculous Resurrection has brought you more fulfilled in your faith and prepared to walk as a disciple for another year ahead.

If it is that you don’t really believe in all of that, then I hope you at least got a very satisfying day of rest today, or at least got your laundry done. I had the pleasure of celebrating a dear family member’s birthday, and this was a blessing, indeed. The fact that she is a young believer and walker of the path of our faith is one of the happiest joys of this day, for me at least. I love to see young people find something to believe in, especially in this crooked world!

But Jesus, I’ve got to say that it took me a minute to get real in my faith, despite having been raised in church every Sunday. I really did have to get to rock bottom like any good addict or depressive person, but it was from there that I began to grow and actually change. My personal miracle this year of Holy Saturday was one of making a decision to be not depressed, despite my desire to go there again, for the one millionth time. Instead, I got out of bed, cleaned up, did some chores and was back on my journey of moving forward, and this is a path that I invite you all to enjoy.

Life can be so wretched when it is not so good, and maybe that is what our Lord lived and died for, that we might have joy in the morning, and the hope of His “Overcoming the World.” I pray that all of you reading this might take a moment of quiet reflection to remember that life is hard, but the good times of peace when they come are undoubtedly worth the struggles. If you all are not experiencing peace at this time, then I hope you all have the fortitude to make it to a better place in your mind and heart.

Oh yeah, my testimony! What got me reading the Bible with interest was an unfortunate boyfriend, who left me alone on a weekend, heartsick and depressed again, with only my own heart to guide me. Breakups can always be good, and heartache does make a person stronger at times, but not always. I was broken, but the Lord did eventually answer my pleas for love, like thirty years later, and even then it is still not perfect for me, this life of struggle and misery and pain, but finally I have learned to trust Him. That I feel is the answer, to trust Our Higher Power to lead us to a better place where we can be free of suffering. I’ve made a decision to live in the Kingdom of Heaven, so every day, it is where I set out to venture forth. Our four-legged friends may help make the journey less fearful. All of us help to make the journey better, because as human beings, we care. Those that don’t yet might just need encouragement and guidance. Be a little puppy dog for everyone, and please make people smile! As the T-shirts say, “Life is Good.”

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