Sick Day

Wow, so today I felt pretty miserable, and stayed home. It was awful, but okay. I like to think that I’ve gotten better as the day wore on, and after today’s minimal activity, I’m ready to get to bed early tonight.

Once again I had been beset with the flu-like symptoms, but they sure did carry over to the next day. Granted, I had stayed up late after my medicine, but I was not expecting to have to sleep so hard-core all day today. I hope that my coworkers forgive me, and I do promise to give it my all tomorrow. I pray that I don’t actually have the flu, but I think I’m all right.

Hopefully I can catch up with my reading tomorrow. I’ve borrowed a book from my library on Libby, and I pray that I can finish it before it is due. Now I know the world is full of the marathon book readers, but unfortunately I’m a slow one. It’s so embarrassing, but the best I can do with my sorry eyesight. My blessed eyesight! It’s truly miraculous that I can even see as nearsighted as I am, and I know there are others just as bad off as me, but the bifocals of older age have really thrown me off. Life is full of surprises.

I think that my stunted vision is why you all only get brief little anecdotes here, but maybe my persistence is what keeps you all reading, and some mighty fine algorithms of WordPress, undoubtedly. It’s so much fun to have so much more space here, and thank you for my emerging voice, because truly you all have made it so. Let’s all give props to the novel writers in existence including those of you so inclined, because what a gift! I’m amazed by book writers and lengthy storytellers.

If my life were a poem, I’d be only short verse, counting syllables and singing on a good day. Thank the Lord for the written word, though, because it’s one of the best parts of being human, aside from snowcones and slinkys. My love for books and paper shall last as long as the trees, so let’s keep planting them, our fine renewable resource. Bamboo, though! Magical.

The paper mill in the town where I had my adolescence is no longer a paper mill, but I’m sure the company behind it has continued its conservation efforts. We’ve got hope and a fighting chance, y’all, as long as we don’t give it all up for that bad paper, cash money. I mean, ready for the future with its new iterations of finance, and hopefully we can all keep up. Never have understood economics, though, and just try to get by. I turn the lights out when I leave a room, but look at me staying up too late tonight, but I had to charge my fitness device. For work tomorrow, so I can keep my dog and cat with food and water. My best friends, except for my husband. He is the cat’s meow, but please don’t tell that to our dog!

Next month I hope to share some poetry, because it is what gives our souls breath. Yes, I promise to shut the heck up with my drivel, and perhaps may find some poetic gems to share, because it shall be April after all.

Please stay healthy and well, all, and may your days be blessed with smiles.

#Peace #Love #Joy #Happiness #Pets #Family #Hope #Future #Conservation #Health #Nutrition #Care

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