Early Morning

It is very unexpected to be starting my day this early, much less by writing here. Here I am, though, and am waking up grateful and filled with hope.

Admittedly, there was some really depressing stuff going on in the world lately and always, but I’m choosing to respond to this with the new emotions changing my life. Maybe this is part of my personal recovery, and if so, I’m very thankful for it. Maybe if we all open our hearts to love and peace, there might be more of that circulating in our collective hearts and minds. Maybe we could give it a try?

Chronic depression is no way to live one’s life, so I’m exiting that space and moving forward with little blessings of self-care, acceptance and love. Dear friends, please know that I quite literally hated myself for decades, and what lost time that was! My only joy was sleep, and waking up was unpleasant, which is no way to start one’s day, obviously.

I found my peace and love by following Jesus, and I freely admit that this is a mystery. Overblown forcing of belief on anybody else is a terrible thing, and our humanity depends on letting one another find our individual paths to peace and love. I think if religion departs from those two essential elements of peace and love, then something is desperately wrong and wicked. Hopefully we can all remember that as we go through our days compassionately, for self and others.

I’m starting my day today with water and lemon, charging my Fitbit, and writing not very well, but with enthusiasm. Life is a blessing, and I’m so thankful for this little space to say that, yes, I believe, and trust my Lord and Savior to make things right for everybody that He can today.

Please stay blessed, dear neighbors, and may your day be filled with hope, peace and love. It’s a beautiful place, this Earth, and your soul is a beautiful soul, especially when you choose to see it. Happy Weekend, everybody! Wishing you also joy and decisions for peace. Take care!

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