Please forgive me for saying this, but to be a human being requires a significant amount of bravery! Just to be one’s own self is a hugely original undertaking, and it’s amazing we can even communicate at all. The fact that we do is so amazing to begin with, that we can speak and write and now go online, just to express our unique experience.

The best thing about my MS is that it has taught me that it is a disease process unique to all of those afflicted. It may wax and wane in its severity, or just be straight-up awful from the get-go. It has driven home the point to me that we are each having such unique life experiences as human beings, and so we are all just trying to keep everyone feeling okay most of the time.

My heart goes out to healthcare professionals who offer their best advice from well-learned knowledge and experience, because it must be such a challenge to know what to say to someone hurting. My motivation now is to stop hurting so much in my personal body-mind, and to focus on keeping everyone around me comfortable, caregivers, too. This includes our furry friends, and we are all so blessed to share this planet with so many sentient beings.

My goal now is to strive to be always a humane-being on Planet Earth, and peace is my top priority. I pray everybody else will keep that in mind, and that promoting peace will become the norm. I’m definitely a Believer on the “Peace Train.”

Happy Sunday, friends, and please enjoy this week going forward. You are all so blessed!

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